DrydyeTM Technology uses a supercritical fluid process to eliminate all water in the dyeing process. DrydyeTM technology uses 50% less energy and pure dyestuffs with no chemical additives; this clean process creates advanced fabrics that produce no polluted effluent in the dying process.

Drydye™ technology uses 50% less energy, 0% added chemistry and discharges 0% polluted effluent.
We now offer Drydye™ fabrics in base, mid and shell layers.
On average, an estimated 100-150ltrs of water are needed to process 1kg of conventionally dyed textile material.
20% of industrial water pollution comes from the textile industry. Dyeing fabrics with Drydye™ technology contributes 0 water pollution.


Water scarcity and increased environmental awareness are worldwide concerns causing a sharp rise in prices for intake and disposal of water.


This new process utilizes by-product carbon dioxide (CO2) for dyeing textile materials. It is a completely waterless dyeing process using recycled carbon dioxide.


We offer a full range of branded DrydyeTM fabrics across base, mid and shell fabrics.

DrydyeTM fabrics have the same quality of dyeing as current conventionally dyed fabrics.